A downloadable sadness simulator

IN light of her fiance's passing, Emelie comes to face the consequences of her ignorance towards her own feelings. She realises for the first time that after coming to know the comfort of another person's comfort and affection, it becomes difficult to adjust back to the previous empty life she lived. But everything changed when she receives the final parting gift he left behind.

THE WALL BETWEEN US is a story about grievance and moving on from the memories that haunt you. Dedicated to Seraphinite, for encouraging me to make this game a reality and consistently support me through the works when I was screaming like a dinosaur.

Featuring a nameable protagonist with two romance options and five endings, plus small variations. Follow the story of two people who try to figure out how emotions work.


  • Warnings: suicides, mental illnesses, cursings
  • Character art and illustration by homk and opening song by esselfortium
  • Discovering the internal struggles to keep up with social expectations and finding the senses of self
  • Helping others navigating their paths in life and work while finding your own way amidst this hectic society

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